The Jaguar Story and Caregiver Mission

What does a car have to do with Alzheimer's and Lady Friend?

In 1968 Joan Summers entered the Jaguar dealer in Akron, Ohio with the intent of purchasing an XKE Roadster for her husband, Dan. She thought he deserved his “dream car” for all his hard work as a wonderful provider, devoted husband, and loving family man. However, Dan just couldn’t justify such an extravagance for himself with his family obligations and a new business.  So, life proceeded with more successes than not. His business and family thrived.

Finally in 1979 Dan had the opportunity to purchase his “dream car,” a 1968 XKE Roadster. He and Joan would cruise around town enjoying time with each other and the lovely Florida weather. He also shared his prized automobile with his children, giving them full use while away at college, or to enjoy at special events. In 1982 Dan decided to put the care into storage for future restoration.

In 2000 Joan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. A disease that would ultimately change all plans for Dan and Joan in their “Golden Years.” After 19 years, beating all the odds of in-home care-giving, a vision was bestowed upon Dan. The vision was of his “dream car” painted purple for Alzheimer’s with gold lettering representing how the disease steals the “golden years” without prejudice. The mission, to bring awareness and relief to caregivers.

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Check out the re-birth of this old classic

Check out the re-birth of this old classic